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Courier Service

Table of courier rates for karer Services

  • 0.40 euro per km for trips up to 100 km
  • 0.36 euro per km for trips from 100 km to 200 km
  • 0.34 euro per km for trips from 200 km to 400 km
  • 0.32 euro per km for trips of over 400 km

These amounts are excl. of 21 % VAT and are calculated from Sint-Amands, collection address, delivery address and return.

The minimum price for a trip is always 30 euro.
From 30 minutes a waiting period of 10 euro per ½ hour is also charged.
(unless agreed otherwise)
Weight: max. 500 kg divided into 30 kg packages
Dimensions: maximum 1 euro pallet, 90 cm high

2For the precise conditions or for more information contact us via the contact page or by telephone.

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